Six months later

When Latoyia learned that she was about to become a mom, she went straight into prep mode. She had a job that barely paid the bills; now she has a career she loves. She had trouble speaking English; now she talks with people for a living. She’d been living with her mom; now she’s a mom with her own house. Plus, she did all this within just six months of joining Wisconsin Works.

“She started making things happen… before we could even really get started,” says Krissy, her W-2 case manager. Latoyia was dreaming of working in a call center. She knew it was a good place to start, with tons of advancement opportunities, flexible hours, and great starting wages. It was exactly the career she needed to become the kind of mom she wanted to be. With support from W-2, Laytoyia made it her mission in life.

Latoyia met with Krissy every week to get a firm grip on her next steps. She networked with our partners to learn English and get resources, improved her computer skills by training online, and polished her resume and interview skills with her W-2 team. Within just three months, she had a full-time job offer from Salelytics!

“This job means stability and growth in life for a better career in the future!” says LaToyia. Working from home made it a lot easier on this new mom, since she could spend more time with baby than on a commute. Plus, she was able to save up quickly to buy a new home!

Now, Latoyia is focusing on advancing her career with Salelytics and enjoying as much time with her baby as possible. Congratulations, Latoyia!