Tenzin’s Upward Bound!

For Tenzin, going to college isn’t just about taking the next step in life. After losing her grandparents to cancer, she knew she had to be part of the cure. She’s been accepted into some of the top universities in the Midwest, including UW-Madison and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. “If it wasn’t for Upward Bound,” however, Tenzin says that she might never have walked through a college door.

Tenzin’s parents are from Tibet, and since they’ve never been to college, it was hard for them to help her achieve her goals. Thankfully, last year a new Upward Bound program launched in her school, just in time to help her find the right path. They started planning her future, applying for colleges, and visiting campuses. “They also helped me financially with the ACT,” she says, “and having the support and guidance that I need.” She even got to spend a summer on campus, which opened her eyes to the possibilities that lay ahead.

“I really enjoyed the summer program,” says Tenzin. They took a bus to Nashville as part of their summer trip, where she got to see Vanderbilt University. “I have never traveled south in the US… I enjoyed seeing the social and cultural differences… and it was cool to meet college students and connect with them.” She says that experiences like that helped her grow and figure out how to pick a school that would nurture her talents.

Tenzin plans to start her pre-med studies at UW-Madison this fall… that is, if she doesn’t get accepted to Harvard first, where she’s also applied. “She is a brilliant student,” says her UB advisor Brenda. “She sets her goals high and always accomplishes them.” We can’t wait to see where your studies take you! Congratulations, Tenzin!