A Brighter Day

Antoinette’s smile has a way of making everyone’s day a bit brighter. Making people happy is one of the reasons she loves working in the restaurant industry. But Antoinette was struggling to support her family while turning her passion into a career, however, until she joined Wisconsin Works. Today, Antoinette has finally found the opportunity she’s been looking for.

Antoinette is always upbeat, even when life is tough. She was having a hard time paying rent when she first joined W-2, but she knew that her team wouldn’t let her down. Sure enough, her case manager quickly got her the help she needed. With a referral to  Integrated Community Solutions, her family was approved for housing. Now with a stable place to live, Antoinette intensified her job search.

She quickly found a part-time job to bring in some money. She wasn’t ready to give up on her career in the restaurant industry, however, and she knew W-2 could help her find the right fit. Antoinette updated her resume and worked with our Account Representatives to find job leads. Antoinette also volunteered at the front desk to improve her skill set. Before long, she saw an opportunity at Culver’s and she got excited.

Antoinette knocked the interview out of the park and started working at Culver’s this February. Her fun personality and solid work ethic make her a teammate everybody loves. It’s a job with great benefits and opportunities for advancement, which she’s excited to explore. She’s hoping to eventually earn a promotion to manager and see where her career takes her. Congratulations, Antoinette!