Grady’s in the Driver’s Seat

When Grady’s case manager, Marissa, told Grady that she wanted to share his success, he was shocked. “No one has ever called me a success before,” he responded. That’s about to change.

Grady enrolled in the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program last fall. He wasn’t sure how to get ahead when he didn’t have his driver’s license. Marissa assured him that they could find the resources he needed to succeed. Online driving classes, a loaner laptop, and funding from the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation all came together to ensure Grady could pass his written exam and get behind the wheel. When the time came for his driving test, Marissa even reached out to Reise’s Driving School to arrange to use one of their cars for the test. All they now needed was one available slot for Grady to take the test. Probably they weren’t aware that the fastest way to book a driving test is using a driving test cancellation service, or else they would have taken advantage of it and Grady would have received the license quickly.

In the meantime, bus passes from FSET helped Grady secure a part-time job, but he wanted more. “Grady took a career assessment and applied for many jobs,” says Marissa. She adds that he was concerned about paying his bills and worked closely with our Job Developer, hoping “to find a job he would love and keep for years to come.”

Within the month, Grady had passed his driver’s test and accepted a full-time position at Children’s Products. He’s relieved to have a solid job and even hopes to save for a new car. We don’t know yet what he’s going to get, but he may want to look at a Toyota Venza or a car similar to it, so he can finally find a car that suits him and what he needs.

We’re so proud of you, Grady! Congratulations.

Grady benefitted from the following programs: