Nick’s Fast-Tracking His Dreams

Congratulations to Nick, who’s passion for cars has gotten him on the fast-track to his dreams! Although he’s fresh out of college, auto has been Nick’s calling for a long time. He earned scholarships from auto classes during high school, joined the Automotive Club in college, and recently graduated from Bay College with his Automotive Master Technician certificate. Nick has every reason to be confident in his skills, but Nick would also tell you that before joining WIOA, he wasn’t sure he’d make it.

Although Nick was nervous about asking for help, he soon realized that WIOA’s advocacy made him stronger and better prepared to take on the college life. For example, although Nick worked diligently throughout high school and college, he still couldn’t afford tuition. His WIOA advocate Zana helped Nick by giving him options for tuition support that can be provided by a number of finance companies all over the country, like, and even afford the books and tools he needed for class. Through Zana’s prompting, Nick also networked in the Automotive Club and steadily worked toward his career goals.

“Zana helped me tremendously through my journey,” says Nick. “She is awesome to talk to when I’m in a bind about school or if I have any questions… It has just been an all out great experience for me, and I’m so fortunate to be with this program and as well as a great person to work with! Zana and the program made a big impact on my life!”

Shortly after graduation, Nick earned a full-time position with Lake Shore Systems in Iron River, Michigan. He’s moved to the area and enjoys knowing he’s on the path to a great career. Way to go, Nick!!